Writing content for websites

Writing Content for Websites

Writing content for websites can be more time-consuming and difficult than building the website itself. (Web developers may or may not agree). The two disciplines however are very different and often a website company will engage a writer to work with you on the content.

Before building a website for your business (or using a marketing firm) there are a number of steps you can go through to save time and money on the project.

Steps for finding a website design

  1. Create an “Ideal Website” document
  2. Look at your competitors websites and menus and see what pages (names of pages) they have that you like and put these in your Ideal Website document
  3. Look at the features on the site, and write down what features you would like or take screen shots of them and save in the document
  4. Write down what features you also do not like
  5. Go to WordPress Themes and search themes by your chosen business i.e. search Business or Cafe
  6. View these themes and if you particularly like any – write down the name of the theme(s)
  7. When selecting a main website layout that you like – look at the sections of text on the Home Page and note these down as sections of text you will need to create
  8. In PowerPoint or on a piece of paper  – or whiteboard – draw some boxes along the top of the main pages that you want on the website i.e. HOME, ABOUT, SERVICES, CONTACT, BLOG
  9. If you require sub-level pages to highlight your services individually – write these down underneath each of the main boxes. i.e. under SERVICES you could have individual pages; Service 1, Product 1, Product 2
  10. When you then meet with the web developer – the process will be a lot clearer, resulting in you getting the website you want with less hassle

Writing Content for Websites

Now that you have created a rough plan for the layout of your website, the content can be created. When a web developer is building the website, they will use dummy text if there is no text available. This however can cause issues when the real content is inserted as it may be longer or shorter than the dummy text – which will affect the look of the website.

This is your opportunity to engage a website content writer before and during the web building period. A professional writer can craft the messages you need to promote your services and get those visiting your website to contact you.

Being involved in the content and design  process as above, will result in a better website that will grow and develop as your business grows and develops. Please reach out to me if you need any assistance on content for your website.

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