Marketing Services

Providing marketing services that WILL increase your leads and sales

Digital Marketing & SEO

Operite will work with you to set-up and teach you how to manage your digital marketing.

This includes Social media set-up and marketing, website content, increasing your local SEO presence and Google Console, Analytics & Ads.


Email Marketing
Marketing Plans

Marketing Plans

The choices of where to spend your hard-earned marketing dollars can be overwhelming.

Every man and his SEO dog wants to take your money to use in their magazines, SEO services or online site.

All marketing channels have their place but not all are right for your business.

Let me develop a marketing strategy for you based on your business, your target market, budget and objectives.

E-Marketing Programs

If you have a list of clients or a big bunch of business cards of people you have met – and are not emailing them at least twice a year, then you have a wasted resource and are missing out on sales or referrals.

Setting up an email program does not need to be expensive or difficult.

Operite can help you comply with the SPAM & Privacy acts and not annoy your customers or contacts.


Email Marketing