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Marketing for new business start-ups

When you are setting up a business or are an existing business that does no marketing at all, then you need to set achievable daily marketing goals. Because what happens when you don’t have marketing or plans in place?

Nothing happens. You get caught up in “other” stuff.

Setting up your business to be marketing ready does not need to happen all at once. You only need a few “absolutes” in place to begin. If you wait until every website page, social media site, blog, letterhead, brochure, digital campaign, radio ad or article is ready then it will be a long time before you start marketing. And marketing needs to happen every day. Even if just in a small manner. Action breeds results.

Essential collateral to start marketing

Before you start marketing, you must have somewhere to direct your leads and prospects to. They have to be able to contact you easily. If you are a new business the below are all you need to get started;

  • Registered Business Name (otherwise if it’s a great name, someone will steal it)
  • Registered Domain Name with SSL
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address
  • Website shell built i.e. Home page, Contact Page, Blog, Basic Service Pages.
  • Social Media pages relevant to your business i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ (Please note not all social media sites are relevant to all businesses so don’t go signing up to them all)

If you are a growing or established business then all of these should be set-up already and if not, contact us here to help.

Daily Marketing Goals

Marketing is often successful due to momentum and diversity of marketing. Businesses looking to generate leads should consider a mix of channels to reach their intended clients. Having a marketing checklist with goals and KPI’s will encourage the action and momentum daily. The list should be split up into actions that are to be completed every day and projects that take may take longer.

  1. Daily Marketing Checklist
    • Clients to contact – This includes the number of people you will visit, email, or call every single day. Set yourself a target 10, 15, 30? Put that on your checklist and make sure you contact your target number daily
    • Leads to contact – as above
    • Social Media posts – set a target daily
    • Blog Post(s) – Set a realistic target for your business
  2. Daily Project Checklist

These projects are what you believe to essential to giving your business a greater presence online and in the market and are to be done in conjunction with the daily marketing checklist. E.g.

  • Create detailed Pages of every website service/product with internal page links
  • Set-up Facebook marketing campaign with geographic targeting
  • Design Landing Pages for use in Email campaigns
  • Enable Retargeting campaign online
  • Implement Google ad-words
  • Review Analytics for keyword effectiveness

Once you have created the Daily Marketing and Project Checklist relevant to your business (do this as soon as possible – i.e. today) you can start monitoring how much action you are taking. Very quickly you will begin to see results, and if not the Daily marketing Checklists need to be reviewed. Call me if you need any ideas on what marketing projects will be the most effective for your business.

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