October Business Month 2018 Darwin

October Business Month 2018

I am very excited to announce that I am a guest speaker at this years October Business Month in Darwin. It’s going to be an exceptional series this year, with many local Darwin Businesses supporting and presenting throughout the month. The full details about October Business Month can be found here

This year I will be presenting on digital and content marketing for small businesses. The topic is: Finding more customers through online marketing strategies.

Digital marketing is not just about social media marketing.

Everyone gets very excited about social media marketing, but its not the be all and end all. Not everyone is on social media and as a channel it should only form a part of your overall marketing strategy. Digital Marketing encompasses not only the social media platforms, it focuses on your website, increasing your ranking on search engines (Google), email marketing, AdWords, display marketing and retargeting. The digital landscape changes every day, with new technologies and methods making it hard for business owners to stay in front of the changes, while they are busy running their own operations.

Understanding how online marketing works will greatly improve your findability by potential customers online, translating to sales for your business. There’s nothing difficult about marketing, it’s just knowing the best methods to use for your business.

Some of the immediate things you can do to check and improve your findability online include;

  • Typing in your industry and town in Google and seeing where on the page your business pops up (if at all)
  • Looking at the description that appears under your website and comparing this with competitors (and make changes to the metadescriptions on your website as appropriate)
  • Checking how many Google reviews or stars you have, and start asking customers to give you online reviews
  • Claiming your Google My Business Listing if you haven’t already done so
  • Registering your business with online directories

The seminar will cover these facets along with further tips and tricks on improving your online presence.

Who is the seminar for?

This seminar is for small and medium business owners who don’t have the time or knowledge to improve their online presence and want to attract more customers. If you are already a marketing professional, then it will cover concepts you are already familiar with. The session is designed for business owners who want to get a better understanding of the online marketing world and the possibilities of utilising the many channels and tools available.

If you want to attend its on Tuesday the 9th October at 5.30pm. Tickets can reserved here.

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