SEO Top 10 requirements to make sure your website is ranking in Search Engines

In this age of digital search you need to ensure that your website is ranking in search engines, so that potential customers can find your business online. Ideally you want your page to appear on the first page of Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo – which are the top 4 search engines used in Australia. Read More

October Business Month 2018 Darwin

I am very excited to announce that I am a guest speaker at this years October Business Month in Darwin. It’s going to be an exceptional series this year, with many local Darwin Businesses supporting and presenting throughout the month. The full details about October Business Month can be found here.  This year I will Read More

Is a SWOT analysis still relevant?

Are SWOT Analysis’s still relevant? For businesses undertaking a strategy session for the whole of the business, a new product or review of a section of their business, a SWOT analysis can be a useful tool. Well that’s my opinion anyway, SWOT analysis have their supporters and detractors. So let’s look at the tool using the Read More

Determining your Marketing Focus for 2018

Why Marketing Focus is so important At this time of year, many organisations are planning their marketing focus, strategy and budget for 2018. Rather than focus initially on budget and activities, companies can instead focus on what goals they want to achieve. Break it down in to marketing KPI’s if you please. Once you know Read More

Marketing for new businesses

Marketing for new business start-ups When you are setting up a business or are an existing business that does no marketing at all, then you need to set achievable daily marketing goals. Because what happens when you don’t have marketing or plans in place? Nothing happens. You get caught up in “other” stuff. Setting up Read More