Business Services

Specialised services to identify opportunities and uncover team and operational vampires

Business Planning

Business Plans & New Business Consulting

Too often, business plans are written as unwieldy, unusable documents. If you need one of these for the bank, I will write it for you, however if you want an actionable, referenceable plan that will be utilised by your team, I can do this too.

Starting a new business? Let us help you avoid the pitfalls with branding, registration, licences, timelines and back-end set-up.

SWOTS love got to do with it?

Your business is great. But it also has some serious issues. All businesses do. Identifying what your major Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are is key to improving the profitability and operations of your business. A structured SWOT analysis session will enable you to focus on areas of the business that need improvement or development.

Business SWOT Planning
Meeting facilitation

Meeting facilitation

Linked to culture, sometimes meetings can just suck. There is no outcome, no real action, and they can be a waste of time and wages for all.

Meetings require discipline, yet room for creativity and free speech.

Bringing in an outside facilitator will help to change habits and bring about results.

Mystery (Business) Shopping

Is something up (or down) with your service staff? Send in the mystery shopper to shop, buy, dine or stay at your establishment and we’ll provide a full report on the experience including;

  • Staff service, attitude & interaction
  • Condition of facilities
  • Ambiance and first experience
  • Overall Experience

Full recommendations are included in this report.

Culture Audit

Culture Audit

Businesses with a great culture retain employees for longer and attract better recruits. They also perform better than competitors and have clients as raving fans. If your team culture is a little stinky, let Operite undertake an analysis of your company and provide recommendations on improving culture.